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Quantum Therapeutics: Unique Innovation in Bio Technology

Science and medicine have come together to develop this medical device for home and professional use. The BioMat's state-of-the-art Crystal Infrared and Negative Ion technology supports and allows healing processes to occur.

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2022 Black Friday and Holiday Promo
November 17th – January 20th


Receive your choice of one of the following items when you reach the sales volume on a single order:

$700 in Sales Volume
  • NMN Octa 3000 (1 Bottle)
  • Detoxi (1 Bottle)
$1,500 in Sales Volume
  • NMN Octa 3000 (3 Bottle)
  • Detoxi (3 Bottle)
  • Aroma Stand
  • Amethyst Pillow
$2,000 in Sales Volume
  • NMN Octa 3000 (4 Bottle)
  • Quantum Energy Pad Professional
  • Germanium Power Pad Professional
  • Amethyst Pillow
$3,000 in Sales Volume
  • NMN Octa 3000 (6 Bottles)
  • Quantum Energy Pad Single
  • Germanium Power Pad Queen
  • Amethyst Pillows (2)
$4,000 in Sales Volume
  • NMN Octa 3000 (6 Bottles)
  • Bamboo Silk Comforter Queen
  • Germanium Power Pad Queen + NMN Octa 3000 (3 Bottle)
  • Germanium Power Pad King + NMN Octa 3000 (3 Bottle)
  • Amethyst Pillows (2) + NMN Octa 3000 (3 Bottle)
  • Quantum Energy Pad - King or Queen

Orders placed since November 17th, 2022 by customers that have reached the specified Sales Volume target on a single order, will receive a coupon one(1) week after the week ending purchase date, to redeem a promotional item from the list of eligible items.

If the customer has not provided an email, the coupon will be mailed to the customer's address. All promotional items will be shipped and boxed separately. Shipping and handling charges apply for all promotional items. Promotional items shipped outside the United States and Canada are subject to customs, duty, tax, VAT, brokerage fees, and any other additional fees.

Purchase of a Biomat Professional w/ License $100 discount will still be eligible to count towards the promotion.

All orders must be submitted by Friday, January 20th, 2023 at 5:59AM Hawaii Standard Time to be eligible for this promotion.

Will the promotional item(s) be shipped with the order? How do I claim my promotional item(s)?
No, the redeemable promotional item(s) will not be shipped with the order.

Once the order has been processed, a certificate to redeem the free item(s) will be generated and e-mailed to the customer (applicant) two (2) weeks following the order processing date.

The certificate will have a list of the eligible promotional items that the customer can choose from. Shipping and handling not included. If the customer has not provided an e-mail address, the certificate will be mailed out via US mail. Mail service is offered to US and Canadian residents.

Detoxi and NMN is only available is only available in the United States. Customers outside the US will receive a product certificate of equal retail value.
What is the expiration date of the special coupon?
The expiration date is three (3) months from the issue date. The date can be found on the top right-hand corner of the certificate.
Will the Biomat® Professional purchased using the $100 discount count towards the promotion?
Yes, the $100 Discounted Biomats® will count towards the promotion.
How much is shipping? Are all the promotional items available for international shipping? How does international shipping work?
The prices can be found on this site.

For all other International Shipping rates, contact us with the full shipping address to receive a quote. Customs, VAT, and import fees may be assessed based on the full retail value of the promotional item.

Detoxi™ is only available to ship to US and Canada. NMN Octa 3000 will only be available to ship to the US.
Is expedited shipping available for promotional items?
Yes, but expedited shipping is only available within the US.
What happens if I cancel, return, or refund and an item that is part of a bundle?
If any item that is part of a promotion bundle is cancelled, returned, or refunded:

• The promotional certificate will not be distributed, and the remaining items will be charged for full retail price.

• The sponsor will forfeit the business centers for that order.
Can I return or exchange the free promotional items? Are the promotional items covered under warranty?
All promotional sales are final and cannot be exchanged for other items, unless damaged or defective. However, the promotional items will still be covered under the standard 3-year limited warranty.

Please refer to the Product Warranty Policy Guide.

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